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Be Latina: Artist in Miami, Unveils a Karol G Mural After Being Inspired By Her Latest Album

by Guisell Gomez for BE LATINA

A Latina Miami-based artist, Diana Contreras, popularly known as Didi, recently unveiled a mural inspired by Karol G.

Born in Peru, Didi has allowed her artistic vision to unravel in many ways. Her eclectic work takes shape in everything from canvas pieces, which have been featured in many galleries and private collections, all the way to murals in the Urban art scene. The accomplished Latina artist’s work has traveled all over the world. She even has private collections in the Street Art Dubai Gallery in Dubai.

Didi, who was previously featured on BELatina TV, works with oil aside from anything else that allows her creativity to flow. Her art can be found on canvas, walls, stickers, shoes, and more.

Her website explains that her work embodies femininity and always sets her characters in whimsical portraitures. This is something we can evidently see in her latest Karol G mural.

Mind-blown by her work, BELatina News had a brief Q&A with Didi about her Karol G mural. Find what she had to say below!

What inspired you to create this mural?

The new album! I was inspired by the cute artwork. [Due to that,] I wanted to paint Karol G’s soft side, which included her pastel pink hair.

How long did it take you to create?

It took 2 days!

What is its exact location?

You can find the mural in Miami, Florida on 1513 SW 8th St, Little Havana, FL 33135.

What does it mean to you — as a Latina — to see another Latina like Karol g inspire other women?

It makes me so proud to see an awesome Latina like Karol G winning!

What is something you hope people take away from this art piece?

I hope the message of “mañana será bonito” makes people smile and brighten their day when they walk past my mural. It’s a daily reminder to keep your head up.

Anything else you’d like to share with BELatina News?

I was so happy to be able to paint a Karol G in the heart of Little Havana in Miami. She gives people so much joy – including me!

There’s no doubt that this Karol G mural will get a lot of visits. Will you be one of them?


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