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Art Competition In Northwood Village – Canvas Local Showdown

Diana Contreras, who is originally from Peru, grew up in Miami. Inspirations from her origins come through in her art where her spectacular use of color. To anyone who’s been to Miami, it’s clear that color is part of the city’s dominating vibes. Traditionally, native people of the Andes wear very bright colors in their clothing and accessories to make it easier to spot each other while navigating through the mountains.

The subjects prevalent in Diana’s art are women, she portrays a lot of diversity with them. To her, it’s like having dolls, she’s always enjoyed playing with dolls and now she gets to make her own. She tries to use as many colors as possible in any one of her paintings or murals. It’s not an easy task making so many hues work together, but Diana sees the challenge as a game.

Last year, Diana was commissioned by Rihanna’s brother for a portrait of the singer. It’s just a thought, but there seems to be a coincidence in Diana’s pink haired portrait and the pop star’s pink hair some time afterward. Diana has some exciting projects ahead. She will be collaborating with an up and coming beauty brand for a mural on 2nd Ave in Wynwood. You can catch her at Art Basel where she will be working on a piggy bank for Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Overdrawn event on December 4th. Follow her on Instagram @didirok

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