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Time to Meet Miss Didirok


had the great pleasure of meeting not only the sweetest artist but the most humble as well. This shy but SICK artist from Miami has a lot to show the art world. The real question is whether the art world is ready for her? With big dreams of one day having her art ending up in the history books for her out of the box technique but yet whimsical style, her art career began when her self esteem wasn’t all that great but also realized she wasn’t the only one going through this issue.

She began using women and there bodies as a vessel to help express her feelings. This also helped in healing but knew that people where moved by her art. She found it hard to believe that her art can matter but was made clear that her talents were not a waste, when her first painting was sold in 2008. Ever since then, she wanted to make sure her art always had a positive message that everyone can take away even in harsh moments. This super woman is an art teacher for three schools and also works full time on her craft. With gigs like the wall of courage in Wynwood in honor of breast cancer survivors, the Fort Lauderdale downtown mural project on a lingerie store that has been in business for over 70 years, to now recently getting engaged to the love her life, how can things possibly get better?

Well you can land the greatest accomplishment to date. Her own solo show inspired by India’s culture and people, called “Bollyhood” in Dubai. That’s right people I said DUBAI! (We getting arab money, we getting arab money; well not me, her, she would be singing that lol). She has been hand picked along with some of the most well know artist in the art world to fly to Dubai in there showing of “Wynwood Goes to Dubai”. (Side note that is a huge honor that Miami and their artist are being recognize as top influential people in the industry, especially across the world!) Now if that doesn’t say a lot about this busy bee then I don’t know what does. I am just happy I got meet and witness this artist in her atmosphere. I decided since god did not bless me with such talent then maybe I should see what a day in a life would be like, so I called Didi and told her I would follow her for one full day, and this is what it looked like. Magical just Magical!

This has been a StephStylez Art Relfection, Besos, xoxox

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