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The Jitney: Miami Street Artist DiDi Contreras Plays 20 Questions for Art Basel

By J.J. Colagrande

One of Miami’s best street muralists is Diana “DiDi” Contreras. She’s super respected by peers and is one of our favorite local street artists. Her murals usually feature listless women of color, gorgeous, colorful and instantly admirable. You will see her work all over Miami. It is the sweat of artists like Didi Contreras that made Wynwood what it is today for all of the world to enjoy, especially this week. To honor Didi, we caught up with her to play 20 questions.

  1. Where were you born? I was born in Chiclayo, Peru.

  2. What high school did you go to? Killian High School

  3. 305 till you die? I like Miami but I love the world. I would like to live in other places too. My hubby is 305 till he dies.

  4. What do you love about Wynwood? I love the murals and seeing artists from around the world creating them.

  5. What do you hate about Wynwood? I hate that it’s become so touristy, it’s just another place to drink and party and having to pay for parking sucks.

  6. What do you love about Basel? I love the art fairs and seeing new murals in the making.

  7. What do you hate about Basel? I hate that it’s only one week. I never get to see all the shows that I want to see.

  8. How would you describe the person who enjoys your work? The person who enjoys my work is a happy confident independent woman or man.

  9. Do you name your murals? If so, favorite name for a mural? I always had a difficult time naming my work. My favorite names are usually when other people come up with them. My favorite name for a mural was one that I did with Lulu 107. It was called Allergic to Cats!

  10. What’s the weirdest name you’ve given a mural? Mother Nature Revival, named by Luis Valle (Miami street artist).

  11. Describe your favorite mural you ever painted? My favorite mural was called “Sofia Rose.” {featured in profile pic} She was the first big mural I ever did outdoors in Wynwood. She was a 15 ft Latina woman wearing an LBD and a pink bow in her hair.

  12. Is it still up? If so, where? She only lived 3 months. She was by Joey’s on 2ndave and 25thst.

  13. How do you feel when your murals disappear? It hurts every time. I fight to maintain my murals for years. It hurts a little less when I am notified first.

  14. How do you feel about graffiti artists that paint over your murals? I don’t like it at all. It just happened today. I just try to go and fix it as fast as I can. It gives me fuel to paint more.

  15. Furthest you ever traveled to paint? The furthest I have ever gone was Montreal, Canada. I almost went to South Korea but I was pregnant and couldn’t fly.

  16. Favorite couple Miami artists other than you? There are so many! Krave, Tati Suarez, Ahol, Kazilla, Renier Gamboa, Alex Yanes…sorry to those I left out..

  17. Favorite Miami band? Spam All stars

  18. Favorite Miami restaurant? Doce Provisions. Great Food and they are another art gallery for my work!

  19. Favorite Miami neighborhood? Little Havana.

  20. Something no one knows about you? I am allergic to cats. I don’t really like them because of it but I love to paint them. Especially Grumpy cats.

Thank you, Didi Contreras. We are a huge fan and our eternally grateful for your contributions to our Magic City.


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