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Diana Contreras: Colorful femininity

Born in 1981 in Peru, Diana Cotreras moved with her family to the United States at the age of 5, and there, as artist, has gained her-own-important role in the cultural scenario.

Vivid colors, women with thousands expressions, and much more. Diana Contreras’ art experimentation led her to a maximum use of paints, brushes, and spray paints. Supports for her works are several as well as her working tools. Canvases of all sizes alternate with the city walls used as a stage for colorful and expressive women, shopping store walls and gray concrete come to life thanks to the artist’s paints.

It is a mix of realism and accentuation of woman features offered to the public by Diana Contreras. If you want to enjoy her works, please visit beauty, sensuality, but also an insight investigation of female gaze. There are works in private apartments: can you believe the every day wonder in there, looking into canvassed women eyes?

In Diana Contreras site are videos where you can see the artist busy at painting: a dance for her body, with colors and brushes. Check her works: take some time, enjoy women’s expressions, their gaze lingered on long hair almost like the Medusa myth, get involved into her strong colors, so neat. You can almost hear those figures breathing, questioning, showing joys. Art does not necessarily need words; and painting is made of lines, shades, where everyone gets emotions. In Diana Contreras emotions are the most wide-ranging, and painted faces seem to conceal stories. Hear them, hear their light whispers, their hints of words: you will be with no doubt enchanted.

photo courtesy by MissTakes

Article by Claudio D’Adamo

English Translation by Piergiorgio Mancini

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