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Hollywood: Ready for its Closeup

The Downtown Hollywood Murals Project (DHMP) may be the shy sister to its brash sibling in Wynwood, but that’s not for any shortcomings in its beauty or vitality. Supported by the Community Redevelopment Agency of Hollywood, Florida and directed by street artist and project manager, Jill Weisberg, it's the largest mural program in the county. Boasting 18 murals created during the past four years, it’s expanding with no end date. A backdrop for countless selfies, all the murals are within an easily walkable four to five block radius – not far from Young Circle and the Art and Culture Center. Hollywood’s arts and entertainment district also features numerous bars, restaurants and retail shops. Public tours are scheduled every 3rd Saturday from 7-8 pm along with the monthly ArtWalk.

Listen to project manager Jill Weisberg's short audio intro

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