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LEAH Arts District

It's amazing how identities morph and take shape over time. From a little patch of warehouses and thrift shops (with the occasional cafeteria sandwiched in between), the (Hia)Leah Arts District is on the cusp of ushering in a major culture shift. I follow several artists on Instagram and decided that I would have to find this small parcel of land to explore today. Unlike Wynwood, I was seemingly the only unofficial person there – to the extent that more than one business owner or employee stared at me with a curious eye as I traversed the few, square blocks nearly clicking my heels in delight at what I had found. I enjoyed that it wasn’t as overwhelming as Wynwood because I could appreciate each piece and every color. I have a few new favorites. Take a drive or short walk around the area where you can see “The Leah” personified and all of her rich culture come to life – splashed across concrete, behind barbed wire, and blended masterfully as a complement to the area’s signature businesses: Leah Arts District

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