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Corporate Stays Mermaid Room - Artist Diana Contreras talks urban art and Miami style

We were so excited to get the pics of the amazing Mural painted by Diana Contreras in one of our South Beach apartments recently, and even more excited to get to talk to the talented artist herself about her beginnings, inspiration, and passion!

CS: So, Let’s start at the beginning – How did you get into urban art and murals?

DC: Growing up I had plenty of friends who did graffiti but I thought it was just vandalism not art. It wasn’t until about three years ago when I was commissioned to paint a mural in the Wynwood Arts District that I found my calling. I received such great feedback from the public! My mural style bled into my fine artwork. I love combining the immediateness of spray paint with the blending capabilities of oil.

CS: How did you come up with the design for our apartment mural?

DC: I always consider the environment of the piece when creating. I wanted to paint a beautiful sun-kissed woman that embodied the Miami Beach lifestyle. Also, the ocean waves hair was inspired by one of the ocean paintings inside one of the rooms.

CS: You stayed in one of our apartments while you were painting – what did you think?

DC: The apartment was warm with all the comforts of home. The full kitchen with every convenience was fantastic. Also, being close to Lincoln Road Mall was great for dining, shopping, and entertainment. My pup loved it too, we all felt right at home.

CS: What’s so special about South Beach, in your opinion?

DC: My favorite thing about South Beach is the beach itself. It’s full of beautiful almost naked people, the water is warm, and the sand is soft. I feel blessed that I can go swimming almost all year around. It’s the reason I’ve stayed living in Miami so long.

CS: What do you wish people knew about the kind of art you do?

DC: Murals are tremendously labour intensive. Artists will paint through heat, bugs, rain, and carry all of the equipment around to create them. Most importantly, I want the people to know that my murals are for the public. I love how people interact, pose with, and post pictures of my murals. A mural becomes part of their environment. It’s definitely a labor of love!

CS: What was different about painting indoors?

DC: It is definitely more comfortable and easier to paint indoors. The air conditioner was the best!

Link to Interview with Jessica McGovern

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