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Artists Nate Dee and Didi Contreras Paint a Mural in Miami Inspired by Jay Z and Beyoncé's &quot

The highly anticipated "On the Run" tour featuring Jay Z and Beyonce kicks off today in Miami and artists Nate Dee and Diana "Didi" Contreras are more than ready. According to Local10 News, as a way to "turn the concert of the summer into a way to inspire local youth," the artists painted a mural of the power couple on the wall of Speaker Boxx Miami (27th Avenue & NW 175th Street).

"They don't really have access to a lot of art, culture, fashion, and music," said Nate Dee of the children in the Carrol City community. The mural is meant to get the kids excited and to spark a dialogue about the arts, to "show them that "there is more out there to experience."

If you're in Miami for the concert, take a picture of the mural and tag @complexart on Instagram so we can see it.

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